Why take Climate Action?

Climate change threatens us all – the UN Secretary General described it as a threat to human existence if not tackled – but being part of the solution is also good for us now.

Individually we can each benefit whilst reducing our GHG (Greenhouse Gas (or CO2e)) emissions by:

  • Saving money – on cheaper electricity, food costs, and travel costs, with contributions from reusing, insulation and less food waste.
  • Increasing work efficiency – less travel with working from home, active travel invigorates your first work hour, and you can judge travel time more easily thus saving time and stress.
  • Improving physical health – with more active travel, less air pollution, less red meat.
  • Improving mental health – knowing you are helping your family’s and other’s futures.
  • Using your money to also help the climate – ethical banks, pensions, investments.
  • Improving bio-diversity and CO2e drawdown – through tree planting/care, peatland restoration, carbon-offsetting etc.

In a Café group we will also enjoy:

  • Community – you are connected with others locally and all around the world.
  • Activities – social events like meeting up in a real café, campaigning, tree care etc.

Society should also benefit from :

  • Technical innovations.
  • Societal changes e.g. increase working from home.
  • New jobs in low carbon industries like renewable energy, retrofitting homes.
  • Better public transport, cycling and walking facilities.
  • Much better air quality and less traffic noise.
  • Enhanced local environment.
  • Well insulated homes.
  • A doubling of the UK forests with more space for leisure and wildlife.
  • Less dependency on imported energy.

Without sufficient progress we will face some risks in the UK. The Government publishes a Climate Change Risk Assessment every 5 years which includes:

Other external risks affecting the UK will include:

  • Disruption to food supplies.
  • Disruption following mass movement of climate-related refugees.