Visioning Camden 2030 in the Curriculum

Collage for Visioning Camden 2030

In terms of cross-curricular work, check out Kate stockings, from Hampstead school’s learning module for our campaign.

On her website Kate writes….

‘What could Camden look like in 2030? What if Camden were car free? What is we were truly dealing with climate change?  January 2021 saw the publication of a visionary wrap-around for the Camden New Journal that encouraged readers to answer those exact questions.’ To see the full publication, click here.

‘Like many, our current teaching of climate change is arguably too global in focus with not enough time spent considering the local. I hope that this resource will change that. We were given 60 copies of the wrap-around and plan to teach it to our Year 7 cohort as a project this summer.’

For teaching resources head to Kate Stockings website.

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