The Climateers – people tackling global warming

We are a new group in Kentish Town offering public information, local campaigns, support for broader campaigns and actions, mutual support and learning opportunities.

Underway or under consideration are:

Public information
1. Attendance at fairs and community events supported by a website/social media.

Local Campaigns
2: To get domestic users to adopt green energy habits that reduce the consumption of fossil fuels by encouraging switching, offering LED bulbs in free exchange for old-tech bulbs and energy-saving advice (if Green Doctor is not applicable).
3. To get businesses to switch to green energy by presenting it as positive PR at little cost and promoting this by providing a printed ‘powered by renewables’ window sticker. (Eventually could it become negative PR not to have such a badge?)
4. Promoting positive investment options once basic finances covered e. g. PUNL, Ethex. Also promote purchasing carbon offsets by business and public once own reductions are targeted.
5. Reducing plastic use by offering ‘bring your own containers’ poster to takeaways, promoting use of alternative e. g. bagasse containers etc
6. In winter giving tree whips to the public. Support other sequestration measures.
7. To build a membership to press the Council to further prioritise the Emergency.

Supporting broader campaigns and actions
8. Networking with other organisations and digital systems e. g. petitions to optimise effect.

Mutual Support and learning
9. Combatting climate change stress by offering support and options.
10. Offering a short course e. g 3 evening sessions covering awareness, personal actions and campaigning alongside café-style discussions.
11. Promoting other courses and sources e. g. Project Drawdown’s ‘Climate Solutions 101’, The Centre for Alternative Technology’s ‘CAT at Home’, Zero Carbon Britain, the Science Museum’s series
12. Putting on occasional local events
13. Introducing people to local examples of retrofitting and supporting each other through subsequent decisions, objections etc as well as public issues e. g. LTN’s
14. Introducing people to the range of electric transports if local owners are willing.
For further information see the following linked pages:

Any enquires to or 07757024749.