Host a Climate Connectors Workshop

How can we make climate action a fun and rewarding activity at school and get all staff, and the school community involved?

This workshop will inspire school staff with lots of ideas for how to embed sustainability at school and to ‘barrier bust’ the challenges.

Barrier Busters poster

Cross Pollinator

The aim is for all staff to creatively brainstorm and mingle: To spark collective insight and foster solidarity around climate action. Hosted by Think and Do in collaboration with Camden Council, this free two hour workshop will take place at your school.
The room will be laid out with seven tables, each with a different theme packed with resources:
1. HOW CAN YOU USE YOUR POWER TO POWER DOWN THE SCHOOL: How much energy does your school use? Where? How could it be reduced? Exploring solar panels.
2. WHAT IF YOUR SCHOOL GROUNDS COULD SUPPORT BIODIVERSITY, CLEAN AIR AND WELLBEING?: How can we green up the school. Encourage biodiversity, clean air and well-being.
3. CLEAN TRANSPORT: Do you have a Healthy School St? How do staff/ students travel? Provision for cycling/scooters
4. WHAT’S ON THE MENU?: Plant-plus/greening the menu. Food waste. Food miles. Banning single use plastic. Food from different cultures.
5. CIRCULAR ECONOMY: How can we eliminate waste? Creative upcycling? Procurement? Developing a sharing economy – toys swaps, clothes swaps
6. HOW CAN WE MAKE CLIMATE ACTION FUN?: How can we encourage parents/community engagement. How can we embed sustainability within the curriculum?
7. CLIMATE AND SOCIAL JUSTICE: How can our understanding of climate impact globally, inspire local action?

To host a Climate Connectors workshop at your school contact: