Greening and Rewilding

Greening and Rewilding urban spaces has benefits for the community and for biodiversity. In Camden we have tree cover of 22.9% but what if we could grow this even further? What if we could fill our community spaces, schools, gardens both home and office with plants? Plants sequester CO2 so contribute to tackling the climate emergency, they also support wildlife and enrich the biodiversity in Camden. Spending time in nature can reduce stress too.

Think & Do Projects

Wildflower Seeds

Photo of a meadowWildflower Seeds Giveaways
For the last two years in spring time Think & Do has given away wildflower seeds to be planted in gardens or pots across Camden. We hope to continue wildflower giveaways, perhaps in person in 2022. Sign up to our Newsletter here for more information on this.

How to get involved ?


  • Do you have space on your premises that could be home to a patch of green?
  • Would you like to support your local school or community group by funding local greening projects?

Individual Actions

  • Join our buzzin’ Beeline group which meets every 3 weeks – email
  • Are you an experienced gardener or garden designer? Could you visit a school and advise on how they can green up? Get in touch.
  • Avoid pesticides, such as Round Up as these are toxic to the environment.
  • Find a local community gardening activity with TCV
    If you have access to a garden consider some of these tips from Rewilding Britain.
  • Would you like to make your estate more green? Start discussions with your Tenants and Residents Association and get in touch below.

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