Progress Report

The confirmed locations for the Communi-Trees are Peckwater Estate, Kentish Town and Goldington Estate, Somers Town.

This is a very unique pilot undertaken by Think and Do with support of Camden Council. We’ve been able to develop the programme for Camden residents to play and active role in choosing, planting and caring for trees being planted in their housing areas. Communi-Trees is empowering local young people to look after the trees, gain employment and skills. This establishes a new method for businesses to support standard tree planting in Camden and reduces tree planting costs.

This Saturday, 2nd April, come and join us to do some tree planting at the Peckwater Estate 9.30 – 11am and at the Goldington Estate 11.30am – 1.30pm.

Pooster for tree-planting at the Goldington Estate

Here is a list of trees that have been selected and agreed with residents: 

  • Sophora japonica Regent Japanese Pagoda Tree, Chinese Scholar
  • Acer rubrum Red Sunset Franksred
  • Betula ermanii Holland Erman’s Birch
  • Lagerstroemia indica Natchez Natchez Crape Myrtle
  • Malus toringo Scarlet Crab apple
  • Malus Red Sentinel Red Sentinel Crab Apple
  • Prunus Shirotae Japanese Cherry Shirotae, Mount Fuji
  • Prunus Umineko Japanese Cherry Snow Goose 

The trees will come from Camden’s approved supplier, and Think and Do will be supplying stakes, ties, guards, soil improver and mulch. 

These trees have been selected for their known suitability for planting in housing areas and takes into consideration the fully grown roots, height and shade cast. They provide biodiversity improvements, homes and food for nature, carbon sequestration and well-being benefits for local people. After establishment, the long term management of the trees will be taken on by Camden. 

Image for the Communi-Trees page

Recruitment of young people to look after the trees is progressing well in collaboration with the TRA’s, Peckwater Estate youth club and the Community Champions Programme at Elfrida Rathbone. Think and Do are going through processes to ensure that safeguarding and significant support, training and resources are provided. This could include hoses, bowsers and water cans.  Camden Council will also supply watering bags.

Multiple estate walkabouts with local residents and Camden Council have taken place to select the right trees for the right locations and that the residents have been able to feed into that. This has been made possible by the fantastic support from the Camden Tree and Housing teams, the TRA’s, local community groups, and residents leafleting door to door and displaying posters.

Dates for community planting events are to be confirmed for March, these events will be led by Think and Do and supported by Camden’s tree team. Planting will be advertised to local residents via door to door leafleting and posters.

What will success look like?
Success will see twenty new trees planted to the specification and standard Camden would expect of their commercial contractors. The community and local residents are engaged in the planning and planting and will ensure that during the summer the trees are adequately watered by locally recruited youths.

We hope to be able to work with more housing areas and planting more trees next season!
Find out how your estates could get Communi-Trees by emailing

Below are the planting maps. Existing trees are in black, proposed sites in blue and green of which 10 for each estate have now been confirmed.
The map showing the locations of the Communi-trees