Climate Café

Mike Jenn writes:

Dear Neighbours,

I am inviting people to start a conversation about Climate Change because I would like to share our common journey. This issue affects everyone and I see it as a threat that I need to understand and to respond to and that I could do both better in the company of others. I am inviting everyone from a small area in case we choose to meet up later on. Publicity is by leafleting the local houses and a poster or two, all in or around the NW1 9B postcode.

I am no academic or climate zealot. I am retired – but not retired from being a parent and grandad! I still own a car and have some single-pane windows etc. but I have made positive changes and I also started the Camden Forest Project 18 months ago.

How the Café will work will be as the group decides but I anticipate that most of the time will be given to free discussion which will be focused through short introductions. A lot of that discussion will be around what we can do individually and together.

To get it started though we are fortunate to have the support of Ruby, a 17 year old Scot and activist with a lot of experience, and Jess Pepper who has been running a Climate Café for five years. They are going to give an overview of the climate situation and some solutions to ‘set the scene’. As you can imagine to cover this amount of ground this introduction will need to be longer than usual (40 minutes).

Some written resources are also being developed from my ‘homework’ on the issue which I hope we will all improve. They include global and UK summaries, Camden’s responses, personal options, local links and reasons to be hopeful. Here’s a link to the first ‘why take climate action’. In addition Justin Rowlatt, the BBC’s Environmental Correspondent, has offered to contribute an introduction when needed.

To join us please contact Ellie ( and we will send you a Zoom link. I have also had to choose a time which of course will only suit some. Please let us know if you would prefer a different evening, in case that is possible, or to offer other comment.

Hoping to meet you,
Mike Jenn (North Villas).