Camden Schools Climate Charter

Collage for the Schools Climate Charter


We were delighted to be invited by Camden Council to co-design and launch the council Schools Climate Charter in November 2021. At a packed event in the Samsung building Kings Cross, we designed and facilitated a creative world cafe session encouraging teachers and Senior Leadership Teams from schools in Camden to commit to taking 3 climate action pledges and signing the charter. Themes explored in the world cafe included: ‘How to enchant the disenchanted’ ‘Whats on the menu?’ ‘Clean Travel’ ‘Rewilding’ ‘How to use your power to power down your school’ ‘Climate Justice’ and the ‘Circular Economy’.

Our ‘barrier buster’ and ‘cross-pollinator cards’ went down particularly well. To help schools barrier bust any issues which might be preventing them from leading on climate action, we are offering schools a FREE 2 hour ‘Climate Connector’ workshop. Click here for a full explanation of the workshop.

The Camden Schools Climate Charter 10 Commitments are shown below. To view the full charter document click here.

Camden Schools Charter Commitments