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The Camden Beeline is a community project that aims to increase green space and biodiversity across the Borough of Camden by creating a connected pollinator pathway of of trees, plants and rewilded space. Together, let’s turn concrete and paving, into a Camden Beeline. Our Camden Beeline map will link up green spaces all over the Borough, creating a better environment for both the people and the wildlife of Camden. As we connect our green spaces, we connect our community.

Initially, our focus is on creating Beelines within and between Camden schools, by encouraging and supporting pollinator-friendly wild gardening in their grounds. Later, we’ll be developing information and advice on pollinator-friendly planting and garden rewilding for local businesses, and for tenants and residents associations in Camden. But if you’d like to explore what’s possible RIGHT NOW do take a look at our GET INVOLVED page for inspiration and ideas.

And if you are already making local spaces near you more welcoming to local pollinators we’d love to hear from you via our CONTACT page – so we can get in touch and add you to our Camden Beelines map. For more information head to the Beeline website,

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