About Think & Do Camden

Camden’s ‘Think & Do’ Pop-Up is a community space to give people in Camden the chance to come together to develop ideas and projects tackling the climate and ecological crisis. The creation of a new civic space is a direct follow on from Camden’s Citizens’ Assembly on the Climate Crisis.
Think & Do runs pop-ups in different spaces across the Borough of Camden. Think & Do also runs projects.

Our Vision
Create a community ecosystem that is resilient and responsive to climate and social injustice. Find and implement creative solutions to challenges identified at a community level and respond to them collectively.

Our Mission
Think & Do will connect and activate the community through pop ups, events, exhibitions, webinars and projects designed, led and run by committed individuals. This will take place in partnership with Camden Council, residents, schools, businesses, and the whole community.

Think & Do came about from Camden citizen’s deep concern about climate change and their desire to get involved in co-creating solutions that tackle climate change and also help social inclusion and cohesion.

Camden has a long history of using citizens’ assembly and participatory approaches to get people involved in decision-making and be active citizens. In response to students strikes and protests by Extinction Rebellion in April 2019, the Council readily agreed to hold a Citizens’ Assembly as part of Camden’s “climate emergency” declaration.

Camden became the first council in the UK to hold a Citizens’ Assembly on Climate which met over July 2019 and received over 600 ideas for action. The final report and 17 recommendations of the Assembly were discussed at the Full Council meeting on 7th October 2019, when the Council unanimously agreed to take forward all these recommendations. The first ‘Think & Do’ pop up space was created to continue the civic collaboration among and between citizens so everyone could learn about the Assembly’s work and could bring forward additional imaginative ideas and projects. The Council found a premise on Kentish Town Rd it could quickly convert into the Think & Do space in October and convened a workshop on 14th October attended by nearly 100 people to help co-design the new space.

Think & Do is a non profit company limited by guarantee and is starting the process to achieve charitable status.

An outer strategy group meets quarterly to provide focus and guidance that is made up of residents from across Camden.

Different projects have working groups of volunteers and some part time paid staff.

We welcome all those who are keen to get involved to get in touch

Contact us via the contact form on this website. We need more volunteers to help us run the programme of activities.

Partners of Think & Do Camden

Logo for Camden Council

Camden Council

Logo for Climate Emergency Camden

Climate Emergency Camden

Climate Emergency Camden is an alliance of 10 local organisations which successfully lobbied the Council to declare a Climate and Ecological Emergency.

Logo for InnerPlanet


InnerPlanet is a voluntary co-creation collective building a carbon empowerment technology through open-source collaboration, all to empower individuals and communities to change their behaviour for a more sustainable world.

Logo for Power Up North London

Power Up North London

Power Up North London (PUNL) was set up in 2017 to deliver community owned and managed renewable energy. We are a Community Benefits Society which delivers renewable energy projects owned and managed by the community.

Logo for The Sustainers

The Sustainers

The Sustainers are a formidable eco-system of secondary school students working to demand and deliver greater sustainability within schools.

Logo for Transition Kentish Town

Transition Kentish Town

Transition Kentish Town is a part of a movement of communities coming together to reimagine and rebuild our world, focused around sustainability and creating resilient, connected and happier communities.

Logo for Dartmouth Park Talks

Dartmouth Park Talks

Dartmouth Park Talks​ is a community led initiative set up to provide a space for dialogue and discussion around the themes that impact on us all today.

Logo for Camden Forest

Camden Forest

Planting 2025 ‘story trees’ in private back gardens by 2025. Each tree has a guardian and a story which will be mapped online to create an interactive, ongoing picture of our Camden Forest.

Logo for Kentish Town Road Action

Kentish Town Road Action

Kentish Town Road Action ​ is an established pressure group of residents and business people working to make Kentish Town Road a more vibrant and attractive shopping and meeting centre by improving shopping, air quality, transport, pavements, lighting, design and parking.

Logo for NW5 Pickers

NW5 Pickers

Windfall and foraged fruit picking as well as litter. Seasonal events such as apple pressing on our cast iron apple press.

Logo for Play Streets

Play Streets

Play Streets is long-running decentralised initiative allowing residents to close
streets for play; there are now 5 Play Streets in our immediate area, and more nearby.

Logo for Rewilding Camden

Rewilding Camden

Rewilding Camden is a group of professional local landscapers and gardeners who have started a campaign to rewild our housing estates, and

Logo for Vegbox


Vegbox is a social enterprise which is starting to employ local folk and supplies bags of weekly local seasonal veg/fruit and recipes to over 200 households.

Greening Leighton Road

In 2019, a group of neighbours came together to reclaim our public space from traffic in order to reduce emissions, improve air quality and most importantly create space to talk to each other.

Little Hands

Little Hands Design is a charity providing hands-on climate change education through fashion and textiles. We are running a school based program of sustainable fashion courses which combine theoretical knowledge transfer with practical skills development. Our courses are suitable for Duke of Edinburgh and similar award schemes.

Model My City

Model My City is a community interest company set up as a local and online hub for bringing together and initiating a call to action to Camden Council, local organisations (public, private, charities, community groups etc) with residents at the heart to co-produce sustainable lifestyles using the UN Sustainable Development Goals as a framework and opportunity for Camden to lead as a sustainable borough and act as a model for other boroughs and cities.

Culture Declares

The ​ Culture Declares Emergency​ (CDE) movement was launched on 3 April 2019 by a small group of artists and cultural professionals working in a voluntary capacity. Its aim is to encourage artists and cultural organisations to declare climate and ecological emergency and to collectively interrogate the role of arts and culture in this time of global crisis.

Extinction Rebellion Camden


Logo for Friends of the Earth Camden

Camden Friends of the Earth

Camden Friends of the Earth campaigns for solutions to environmental problems – for action to create a better, greener Camden (and beyond!).