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Our Vision

Continue to grow a community ecosystem that is resilient, and responsive to climate, environmental and social injustice.
Think & Do is the combined effort of a number of environmentally-minded volunteers and staff, each inspired with a ‘What If…’ vision of how the future could be. Read more…

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Our Mission

Think & Do will co-design and implement creative solutions to needs identified at a local level, with partners ranging from residents and local councils to schools, businesses, and the whole community.
People from all walks of life are coming together to address the climate crisis, inequality, and division to build a better future. If we act as individuals, it will be too little. But if we act as one big community, it might just be enough, and it might just be in time!

News and Events

Poster for the British Library Sharing Space

The climate is changing – and so must we! But how can we make the big changes needed, when faced by the delaying tactics of big oil , gas and coal, and the inertia of many politicians? How do we protest to survive, and when is direct attention grabbing action justified? And how do we make our voices heard, so people listen and change happens? Join us, and our friends at Think&Do, at the British Library Sharing Space on Tuesday June 4 3:30pm-6pm, to debate this. Plus there will be a free veggie supper.
Where: The Last Word Community Space, British Library,
96 Euston Rd,
London NW1 2DB.

Poster for the Cholo Khā'i Cafe

Drum roll please… we are launching a new social enterprise in the form of a pop-up planet friendly, community cafe. Run by a team of talented local women who will be learning all the skills required to run their own cafe. It will be open every Thursday from May 2nd 8am-4pm at Somers Town Community Association Cafe,
150 Ossulston Street,
London, NW1 1EE.
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Ashden and Camden Think & Do launch new funding

Ashden and Camden Think & Do launch new funding

Climate action charity Ashden is joining forces with Think & Do to replicate the highly successful Sharing Spaces project. Read more about this project on the Ashden web site.

Set Up a Sharing Space

Would you like to set up a Sharing Space? Could you once a week help turn your TRA hall, or another underused space, into a cosy community hub? Think&Do has helped residents set up a weekly Sharing Space in Somers Town. Could you help set one up where you live? Contact:

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Think&Do April Newsletter

Think&Do April 2024 Newsletter

The Camden Climate Connectors

Have you heard about the Camden Climate Connectors yet? We are working with Camden Clean Air Initiative and Camden Climate Alliance on this exciting project to connect the dots between schools, community groups and businesses. So if you’re one of them in Camden and want to find out what the eco-system can offer, fill in this form and we’ll try our best to make a match with you and another organisation who can help!

The form for the Camden Climate Connectors

Sharing Space Eats

Think&Do have recently launched a social enterprise called, Sharing Space Eats. Local Camden chefs (in particular the ladies from Somers Town) have been trained in food and hygiene catering, and now are providing catering for all kinds of events. If you know of any events which need catering, get in touch: email