Think & Do Camden

Photo of the wall at '19' HIghgate RoadCamden’s ‘Think & Do’ Pop Up is a community space to give people in Camden the chance to come together to develop ideas and projects tackling the climate and ecological crisis. The creation of a new civic space is a direct follow on from Camden’s Citizens’ Assembly on the Climate Crisis held in July 2019 which resulted in 17 recommendations. At its Full Meeting on 7th October 2019, the Council unanimously agreed to take forward all these recommendations.

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Think & Do Newsletter July 2021

Banner for the May 2021 NewsletterThe July 2021 newsletter is now available. This has news about the Community Fridge at No. 19, which  will help to fight food waste in Camden, and the exhibition of posters from the Visioning Camden 2030 project.


Visioning Camden 2030

Logo for Visioning Camden 2030At the start of January, there was a special edition of the Camden New Journal with a four-page community-written ‘Camden Future Journal’ wraparound. This contained a selection of the 350 entries that were submitted. All 350 entries can be seen in the online flip-book.

Climate Café NW1 9

Graphic for the Climate CafeMike Jenn writes:
People living between Cliff Road and Murray Street and Camden Road to St Augustines Road are invited to join a Climate Café. This is a relaxed forum for improving our awareness of and responses to the shared threat of Climate Change.

I’m a resident in North Villas and this is a personal initiative supported by ‘Think and Do’. The area has been restricted to help us get to know our neighbours and in case we want to meet up later on, but initially we will have to be online using the Zoom app. The first meeting will be on March 30th but you can still join in later.
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Photo of the toy swapToy Swap Shelf

What if we could set up toy swap shelves across the Borough? What if old toys brought new joy? At 19 Highgate Road in Kentish Town we have a pilot Toy Swap shelf now set up, pop down with your preloved toys to have a swap!


Camden Forest

Logo for Camden ForestCamden Forest is a project to tackle climate change and increase biodiversity by planting more trees in our borough. Dreamt up by Think & Do, the plan is to plant 2025 trees in Camden by the year 2025. The trees are two-year-old ‘whips’ – provided free by The Conservation Volunteers.  Since October 2020 nearly a thousand trees have been given away at farmers’ markets, schools and a mosque, or delivered by bike as part of permitted exercise during lockdown. Rowan, Crab Apple, Dogwood and Wild Cherry – all of which have blossoms and fruits that are essential for birds and pollinators – have been planted in estates, school grounds, private gardens and in large pots on balconies or terraces right across the borough from Somerstown to Hampstead.

School students who became Tree Guardians have been inspired to write stories and poems by planting and caring for the trees, observing how they change through the seasons and watching them grow. The response to this project has been so enthusiastic that the Forest will start spreading to neighbouring boroughs of Islington and Haringey in the autumn.

Free Market

What if we could cut out food waste from the borough? In collaboration with Refugee Community Kitchen and Cooperation Town we have been co-hosting a ‘Free market’ at 19 HIghgate Road. to cut down on food waste and develop a circular sharing economy in other items too. Want to volunteer? Got an idea for a workshop or stall? Get in touch via