Think&Do Camden

Painting of the Think&Do shopCamden’s ‘Think & Do’ Pop Up is a community space to give people in Camden the chance to come together to develop ideas and projects tackling the climate and ecological crisis.

The creation of a new civic space is a direct follow on from Camden’s Citizens’ Assembly on the Climate Crisis held in July 2019 which resulted in 17 recommendations. At its Full Meeting on 7th October, the Council unanimously agreed to take forward all these recommendations.

Think and Do Phase 3 update

Dear Friends of Think and Do,

We hope you and your loved ones are keeping safe and well. COVID19 is presenting challenges for all of us. But Think and Do is back in action!

Our cafe at 315 Kentish Town Rd is being put to good use by supporting the delivery of essential food and care packages via Vegbox and through our new partnership with Dare to Care.

We also have an exciting series of free online events to keep you connected and active. Please sign up via this Zoom link.


We’re going online! Tea Time webinars will be hosted on Zoom from 4-5 pm every afternoon. We look forward to seeing you there! Please sign up via this Zoom link.

Monday 13th: Update from the Think & Do planning group
Tuesday 14th: ‘Let’s Get Growing’ with Debbie and Steve
Wednesday 15th: Judy Ling Wong, CBE on Art, Activism and Social Justice
Thursday 16th: Secrets of Sourdough with Carlos Quermel
Friday 17th: Dr Bike: Online bike maintenance tutorial
Saturday 18th: Cook Along Supper Club with Mike and Farhana
Sunday 19th: Gentle Yoga for beginners with Sandra Chua


Read our April Newsletter for full details.

Let’s grow mini-wildflower meadows and Rewild Camden

With 97% of UK wildflower meadows disappearing since the second world war, it’s so important that each of us do our bit to encourage biodiversity. We are giving away small packets of annual wildflower seeds, which should flower this year. If you would like to grow a mini wildflower meadow – whether in a container, in a street tree, or in a garden, get in touch via our contact form.

Here is a simple guide of how to grow a lovely, naturalistic display of flowers (from the ThinkandDoCamden Instagram feed):

What next? Send us a picture of the progress of your mini meadow to:


Think&Do Projects

The following lists the Think&Do projects. As well as these community projects, there are actions that each individual can take. See the What If We… page for suggestions.

What if… we created a Camden Forest?

here was a chorus of birdsong as you left your house. This song comes from birds perched in bushes and trees surrounding you. A veritable forest! …more…

What if… we created a Library of Things?

Letter Have you got too much stuff? Why buy more things when you can borrow? ...more…

What if … we transformed One Estate in Camden into a Housing Estate fit for the future?

magine if an existing Camden Housing Estate was transformed into a unique ecological and climate resilient Estate fit for the 21st Century? An urban ecosystem where nature and city were intertwined. …more…

What if … we put the Park back into Parking?

Letter No longer need your car? What if your street was full of pedestrians and nature rather than traffic? What if the air was clean, and the sounds you heard were birdsong and the breeze? …more…

What if … we fixed Fast Fashion?

Letter Knitting and repairing was taught everywhere from health centres to shops? Regular clothes swops took place in every school, health/community centre, library, etc? …more…

What if … we could embed climate action in Education?

nd our education system was not based on teaching standardisation and conformity, but nurturing individuality, imagination and creativity? …more…

What if … you could take a Green Route everywhere you wanted to go?

Letter Nothing thrills like birdsong. What if you really enjoyed walking in your neighbourhood – strolling along the streets and through the green spaces? …more…

What if… we built a future based on Climate Justice?

Letter Diversity in Camden is our gateway to the world. Here, we have so many cultures and stories from many walks of life. Filled with creativity, knowledge and resilience. …more…


These ideas for climate action projects were imagined and envisioned by visitors in T&D phase 1.

Letter DDo you have another idea for a climate action project?  Or an event?

Letter OCan you offer any skills, or time? We would like to see T&D’s popping up all across LB Camden, and beyond! How about one in a health centre, a Uni, a big business, a nursery, a station, a street party, in a park? Do you have a location in mind? Could you co-host a pop-up Think&Do? If so, please contact us using the contact form.