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09 July – 30 September 2020

Could you come up with a creative, eco-friendly recipe that, while being delicious and nutritious, also considers the ecological impact of its ingredients and ensures nothing gets wasted?

If so, why not enter the eco-cook-up competition and help us to create a Camden eco-recipes booklet? The competition is for students of primary and secondary schools across the borough. Entries can be individual or as a team. Winning entries will be considered as options to be offered in the school canteen.

Competition details

Entry options:

  • Vegetarian recipes
  • Plant-based recipes (vegan)

Entries can be submitted in different formats:

  • Poster
  • Booklet/flier

Note: it is advisable to include images of the cooking process so this can be easily replicated. If the images include people you will need to sing the photo consent form available to download here.

Entries can be submitted either as individuals or as a part of a team, so why not get together with some of your school friends and come up with an appetising and sustainable recipe.

Additional criteria to be considered:

  • Issues about food miles (where does food come from and how did it get to us –boat, plane, train, etc.).
  • Food waste (what would happen to short-life ingredients that did not get fully used, e.g. half tin of beans, or half an onion).
  • People should be able to follow the recipe and method (regardless of the format chosen to submit the entry).
  • Special consideration will be given to entries that include food from different parts of the world.
  • Ingredients growing method (organic vs non-organic).
  • Special consideration will be given to entries that focus on healthy meals.

Note: this is a cooking and not a baking competition, so we would encourage entrants to come up with meal-time recipes, rather than sweet dessert or pudding recipes.


The competition will be judged by experts from organisations involved, including Camden Think and Do, Camden Learning and Caterlink (the Council’s school catering company). Tom Moggach will be our special guest judge. 

As judges won’t be able to see or taste your dishes, we have designed a simple recipe evaluation scoring sheet for you to complete. The scoring should be done by those tasting the dish (family, friends) and should be done in an individual and honest manner. You should submit a minimum of three scoring sheets completed by different people up to a maximum of five.

Download the scoring sheet

Note: download and print the scoring sheet. Once completed, please take a photo or scan it so you can submit it with your entry.


  •  Vouchers for a local garden centre.
  • Winning recipes to be included in a specially designed online booklet and will be considered by Caterlink as options to be offered to schools.
  • Winners will also be invited to host a Think and Do cook-along supper club and will be featured in their website and newsletter.

How to enter

Complete our simple online form by the latest on 30 September. You will need to submit your scoring sheets and photo consent forms (if required).

Submit your entry

Supporting information

We have developed a pack of downloadable resources (fact sheets) around relevant subjects. Follow the links to download them:

Think & Do Supper Club

If you want to find out more about the Think & Do supper club and explore how young people could start their own over the summer please contact Think & Do by emailing us: